This AS Patient Teaches Us Crazy Can Be Good

Swimming is not only a great exercise in general, but it’s also a fantastic exercise if you are living with Ankylosing Spondylitis.

It is not as jarring for the spine, compared to jogging or cycling….

Unless you are doing it in freezing cold water, then it becomes jarring to a whole lot of other things beside the spine. This is exactly what director Mark Rickaby of an accountancy firm is doing, reports the Wiltshire News in the UK.

Mark's crowdfunding page
Mark’s crowdfunding page

I know what you are thinking. No, this man is not crazy. As a matter of fact he is pretty heroic. Mr. Rickaby is taking the dive into the frigid waters off the coast of Cornwall to raise support for the National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society. The plunge is sponsored by a UK based organization, Nearwater Events, who specializes in sponsoring swims, fishing events, and various other activities off the Cornwall Coast.

Since Mark was diagnosed in 2007 with AS, his mantra for combating the disease is to continually exercise and stay nimble. So it was only a matter of time before his love for exercise and his passion to raise support for a condition he has battled for 8 years would meet in a dive of destiny. The swim expands 2.7 kilometers between two inns in the area, Old Quay Inn at Devoran to the Pandora Inn in Mylor, on June 22nd.


Map of Nearwater Inn to Inn swim.
The route of the swim.

Mark hopes to raise £ 250 which is about $380 dollars in the US. He is well on his way, as he has already raised 92% of his target. If you do not live in the UK and can’t watch this awesome spectacle of human will, then please visit Mark’s crowdfunding page to learn more about his journey and what drives him.

The average temperature in the area is roughly 56 degrees during the month of June. So as we cheer Mark on, someone please mail him a jacket, a space heater, and some hot cocoa.

Know of a local event raising support for AS? Share it on our Facebook page to get the word out!

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