5 Remarkable Reasons Why Battling HAE is like Being a Superhero

When people hear disease, sickness, or chronic illness, 9/10 times they think of weakness. They sadly only look at what they can see, but neglect the heart.

Truth is people living with these conditions are often the strongest.

Youtube mom, Irishtinwhistler, paints her beautiful story of living with hereditary hereditary angioedema on a video canvas. Her Youtube depiction of her life will tug at your heart strings, but also empowers you to be fight through adversity. This brave mother achieves her goal or raising awareness for this often misunderstood condition. Little did she know, her video also showed just how super HAE patients can be.

1. Rarity

HAE rare diseases

One of the main staples of being a super hero is being one of a kind, this is no different than HAE.

2. Unpredictability


An unfortunate side of being batman, superman, or any hero is the often surprising events that happen. The difficulty of not knowing when an HAE attack will happen, makes the patients living with this condition that much braver.

3. Danger


Whether it’s crooked clowns, giant rhinos, or talking penguin men, superheroes are always met face-to-face with dangerous situations. People living with HAE encounter the possibility of death each day. The courage needed to fight each day is nothing short of super.

4. Hidden Talent

Hae patient artwork

Spiderman takes photos, Iron Man builds amazing machinery, and the Hulk is a braniac scientist. Similar to these superheroes, people often view HAE patients simply for their disease. What people often overlook are the hidden talents HAE patients embody, Irontinwhistler’s is painting.

5. A Greater Purpose

Hereditary Angioedema awareness photo

No superhero ever asks to be bitten by a radioactive spider, have claws come out their knuckles, or turn green, but rather than mope about their circumstance, they use their powers for good. HAE patients like IrontinWhistler are no different. Yes, they have been diagnosed with an extremely difficult generic disorder to manage, yet they inspire others to be great and lead the charge for wearing awareness.

That’s what being a superhero looks like.

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