In a crisis, seconds really count, especially for patients with rare diseases.

You can’t always be prepared for an emergency- that is kind of an oxymoron.

You can however think ahead and put in place an emergency plan.  During a crisis, seconds really count, especially for patients with rare and chronic diseases, like HAE or hereditary angioedema for example. Day-to-day life is different and much more challenging for not only the people living with and managing a chronic illness, but also for their familes.  Extra precautions must be taken, re-prioritization and rescheduling is a constant, and emergency plans must be considered and practiced.  This is why so many consider  medical alert devices.

Medical Alert devices have been around since the 1970’s.  They offer confidence and security to patients and their loved ones to live independent, active lives.  Medical alert systems aren’t just for seniors either if that is what you were thinking! Check out Patient Worthy’s post about Jewelry that can save your Life to read about some other, innovative and more fashionable medical alert devices.

Source: The Strap Wrap via BioRx
Source: The Strap Wrap via BioRx

STRAP WRAP, is a device specifically for HAE patients,  that contains all of a patient’s medical history, which can be strapped around a purse handle, a belt, a car seat, back pack, or a seat belt, thus making an individual’s complete medical history available in case of an emergency.

This medical alert device was originally designed by an EMT, who was also the grandmother to a little boy with hemophelia.  It has since been customized and is available for, but limited to, members of the HAE community.

Read the story behind BioRx’s medical alert device and find the official order form, here.  




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