Is Social Taboo The Reason Behind Your Misdiagnosis?
If you can't talk about topics such as these, you may be hurting people with diseases like Von Willebrand's more than you think. Source:

Is Social Taboo The Reason Behind Your Misdiagnosis?

Life is hard. Life gets even harder for a woman once a month.

The topic of menstruation always has been sort of taboo.

Because we know you want to talk about it. Source:

I remember getting my first period. While crying on the toilet, I asked my mom when I would go through “men-o-pause.” She smiled weakly and told me the unfortunate truth. Thankfully, many women have started to break the norms and are talking more openly on the subject.

Why am I talking so much about menstruation? I swear there is a point.

Well, Von Willebrand’s disease usually goes undiagnosed in milder cases for women due to their likelihood of simply tolerating abnormally heavy and prolonged menstrual bleeding.

The key to controlling Von Willebrand’s is treatment.

Parents need to encourage young ladies to discuss what is going on with their bodies openly. A doctor will only be able to diagnose if there is evidence of an issue.

One brave young woman posted a YouTube video talking about her diagnosis, treatment, and how Von Willebrand’s has affected her life. When explaining her diagnosis she shares:

“This is a little bit T.M.I., but I was having a period that was lasting 6 weeks, and then when it finally ended, i was having another one that was lasting just as long….”

She later mentions that the only option at the time to stop her from being ill was birth control, which is another hot topic.

Birth control is not only a means of preventing pregnancy, but it is used to treat many medical conditions.

“A lot of people are like ‘birth control is evil’ and i’m like ‘Birth control can kind of save lives.'”

A more accepting social view on menstruation could help many women unknowingly struggling with Von Willebrand’s.

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