POTS and Vasovagal Syncope: A Patient Story

In January-March of 2015, I was the healthiest I’d ever been… or so I thought. I worked out, drank plenty of water, had a great lifestyle and meal plan. In January at the gym, my life changed in ways I didn’t think it could. I was confused when I had my first seizure that night.

After many episodes of passing out and multiple symptoms, it didn’t hit me to get checked out more thoroughly until after every hospitalization, at vital times, I was always asked “Is your pulse usually so high?”I had no idea how any of this tachycardia, syncope, and vitals stuff worked.

Finally after all of the unknown scary situations, I decided to go to my doctor, who referred me to a cardiologist. The cardiologist set me up with another cardiologist and did my TTT (tilt table test). The tilt table confirmed my struggles with vasovagal syncope and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome.

Since my diagnoses, I’ve been in the hospital many times for episodes and receiving IV fluids, which are a major help for me! I’ve even been admitted into the ICU because of passing out 3 times in the ER with a pulse low of 48 to a high of 188. I don’t remember much of that stay honestly, but it was TERRIFYING!

This year, to help manage my symptoms, I’ve kept up with my intakes of fluids and nutrients, medications, and essential oils. My journey with chronic illness is still very hard but I have faith that my story will reach many.

Only those who face this battle can truly grasp it. Support those you know who battle any chronic illness.

Much love and hope to all.

About the Author: I am Alyssa. I live in Ohio.

I am searching for ways to connect with others by spreading awareness of my conditions.

I am an aspiring writer and I love to sing!


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