New Drug Could Be The Penicillin of Cancer?

LiPlaCis is a formulation of cisplatin that delivers its agent directly to cancerous tumor sites. Its efficacy has so far only been studied within breast cancer patients. However, scientists have reason to believe it may also help patients with prostate cancer. Of course this “belief” is not enough to get the drug to the patients who need it. But a new study will hopefully get us closer to that goal.

The Study

The Danish Medicines Agency has recently approved the testing of LiPlaCis to include a field of prostate cancer patients.

Interim data from the trial with breast cancer patients has shown that 55% of the individuals who participated underwent a partial remission.

This. Is. Huge.

The last approved drug before the LiPlaCis trial to show such positive results was eribulin and it had the same effect within only 12% of participants.

The first prostate cancer patient is joining the trial in late 2018 and we will all be anxiously awaiting the results.

However, so far, things are looking very promising for LiPlaCis’s FDA approval, at least for breast cancer patients.

The Company

The study of LiPlaCis is being conducted by Oncology Venture. Oncology Venture uses multi gene DRP or drug response predictor to determine participants for their studies. This method helps to ensure that the drug is being developed for the right patients. Analyzing participants messenger RNA prior to their participation has proved to be a very accurate predictor of how they are going to react to the study.

The company’s expansion of the study to include prostate cancer will bring in an extra twenty patients into the trial.

Some have called cisplatin “the penicillin of cancer” and patients and researchers alike are excited about its prospect for various types of cancers.

“LiPlaCis may also be useful in other cancers such as lung, head and neck, skin and prostate. We are working with Cadila Pharmaceuticals to expedite clinical trials with studies in India.”- Oncology Venture

Looking Forward

Things are looking very hopeful for the success of LiPlaCis and its potential to receive FDA approval. But lets all keep our fingers crossed through this next phase of the trial!

You can read the full story regarding this new study and its expansion to include prostate cancer patients here.

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