October is Castleman Disease Awareness Month!

Awareness is power! So let’s do work together and amplify the Castleman community!

What is Castleman Disease?

Castleman disease (also known as giant lymph node hyperplasia or Castleman tumor) is a rare disorder that comes in two forms: unicentric and multicentric. Both forms cause abnormal cell growth, creating non-cancerous tumors and lymph node enlargement that affect the disease-fighting lymphatic system.

In unicentric Castleman disease, there is only one solid growth localized in a solitary lymph node. Multicentric type is the more lethal form of Castleman disease, which occurs when these growths are widespread.

Because people with Castleman disease are often asymptomatic or exhibit common symptoms like fatigue, weight loss, and fever, Castleman is easily misdiagnosed as other associated lymphatic disorders. That’s why it’s key to be aware of Castleman’s most recognizable symptom: an enlargement in the armpit, neck, collarbone, or around the groin.

Finding that lump under the skin is the best chance for a proper diagnosis, and with a diagnosis, patients can largely mitigate the effects of the condition with surgery or treatment.

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What is the Castleman Disease Collaborative Network?

The Castleman Disease Collaborative Network (CDCN) is a global initiative dedicated to accelerating research and treatment for Castleman disease to improve survival for all patients. They work to achieve this by facilitating collaboration among the global research community, mobilizing resources, strategically investing in high-impact research, and supporting patients and their loved ones.

What Can We Do During October?

Donate funds for research

Research is not possible without funding. You can donate or share the link with friends and family to enable life-saving research.

Click here for information

Join other Castleman patient warriors

Patients can join the Castleman Warrior team and create their own Warrior fundraising pages to share with family and friends.

And make sure you join the CDCN Patient/Loved One Community! Click here to join and gain access to all available information, resources, and peer support groups!

And click here for patient resources!

Attend, Support, or Pass Along Info on the Quest for a Cure Fundraiser 

Friday, November 16th is the CDCN’s 4th Annual Quest for a Cure fundraiser, in Philadelphia, PA.

If you’re in the area, consider attending!

If you’re not or can’t attend, consider donating or advertising it to an appropriate audience, to help make it the best success it can be.

Click here for all the info!

How are you supporting Castleman Disease Awareness Month? Share your stories, thoughts, and hopes with the Patient Worthy community!

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