Editor’s Choice: Ring in the New Year with a Kiss from Someone Who Knows How to Support Your Chronic Illness

Happy New Year!

For our first Editor’s Choice of 2019, we want to highlight four articles from the last couple weeks. First, we have the story of young man who tested positive for the mutation that causes Huntington’s disease. Next, we hear from a spoonie on how her boyfriend has adjusted to her chronic illnesses, followed by an article on hospital pricing concerns. Last but not least, we have an article asking: what exactly are those CBD products at convenience stores.

Sit back and enjoy this week’s Editor’s Choice.


Huntington’s and Hope: Seth’s Story, Part 1

After Seth watched his mother struggle with Huntington’s disease, he faced some serious questions: Should he get tested for it as well? At what age? What should he do if he has the mutation as well?


5 Things My Boyfriend Has Had to Get Used to Since Dating a Spoonie

Chronic illness means some big lifestyle adjustments– not only for the person with the illness, but for the partners as well.


Opinion: It’s Pretty Obvious That Hospitals Are Overcharging For Just About Everything

Have you ever looked at a medical bill and wondered why ibuprofen costs $60 dollars? We have too.


What’s the Deal With Gas Station CBD Oil?

You may have seen the rise of flashy CBD products in convenience stores in recent years. Are they safe? Are they legal? Are they helpful? Is there even CBD in them? It’s hard to say.

Do you have a rare disease experience of your own? Share with us here.

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