Racefor7: 4 Successful 7km Walk/Runs Held by ORDI to Spread Awareness of Rare Disease

On February 24, 2019, the Organization for Rare Diseases India, USA (ORDIUSA) held a 7km walk/run at four different locations across the United States. The Event was called Racefor7 and its goal was to raise awareness of rare disease.

The Events

These events were held in Texas, South Carolina, California, and Washington DC. The concept of the event stems from the fact that there are currently 7,000 known rare diseases. Participants run 7,000 meters, one meter to recognize each rare condition and the individuals around the world affected by it.

ORDIUSA makes it clear this is a global cause which transcends country borders. They hope that events like these will help to bring international awareness to the issue

It’s all about “caring for rare.”

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ORDIUSA did a great job of documenting these events so don’t feel too bad if you missed them this year!

To see more from these events, you can search using the following hashtags: #Rarediseaseday, #Racefor7USA, or #Racefor7.

If you were able to attend, ORDIUSA welcomes you to post photos on your own social media using one of the above hashtags. Each and every post helps spread awareness for the cause and each and every one is important.

To catch up on more from these events you can also read stories published on PRDistribution and WSIL 3ABC.

Feedback for the Future

If you attended one of the 2019 Racefor7 events, ORDIUSA would love your feedback! They’ve created a short survey to keep track of suggestions and feedback. They plan to utilize these survey results to improve their 2020 race events as well as their organization as a whole!

If you would like to make a donation directly to ORDIUSA you can do so on their website or via Paypal 

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